Take a look at some of the things our awesome clients have to say about Exercise Defined and the SupserSlow exercise system.

“Moving into semi-retirement, I want to not only maintain my good health, but I also want to have strength for mobility. I go to Exercise Defined for two thirty-minute sessions each week. While there, I know that what I’m doing is correct. There is always an instructor working with me, helping me tweak my routine, making sure that I’m receiving the best results.”

Jean Stewart, Ed.D., Deputy Superintendant, Conroe ISD


“When my brother, Ellington Darden, Ph.D., was in town for a visit, I expressed concern over losing tone and mobility. Ell is a noted expert and author on fitness, and he knew immediately who I should contact. He said, ‘We are going to see Kam Hutchins.’ And we got in the car and drove over to his facility. Time management is a major concern for me. I have a career and grandchildren, etc., etc., – there are just so many demands on my time. SuperSlow  fit my busy schedule. Before I began SuperSlow, I noticed that when I climbed stairs, I would feel a bit weak in my knees. If I had been sitting in the floor working with young students, I had begun to use my hands to bring myself back to a standing position. Almost immediately, after a SuperSlow workout, I began to notice a difference. I respect their attention to my schedule too. There is no down time. We move from one machine to the next and this is an added benefit because it is also a great cardio workout.”

    – Cherrie Darden Watson, Teacher, Conroe ISD

“My daughter Jaicie always wants me to pick her up. She is 6 and weighs 55 pounds. I tell her I have to go to SuperSlow to stay strong and healthy in order to pick her up.

At the age of 5, I was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid arthritis. In complete recovery as an adult, I need SuperSlow to ward off any hip stiffness I occasionally experience. Not only does it help with my overall strength and flexibility, it increases muscle mass and bone density to help prevent osteoporosis. I have no problems picking up my growing, beautiful  daughter and will continue to get stronger thanks to Superslow.”

               –  Jennifer Laningham, Family Nurse Practitioner


“The latest research shows SuperSlow® exercise reverses aging in human skeletal muscle by 85%.”

– Dr. Doug McGuff, M.D., Seneca, South Carolina


“Our results indicate SuperSlow Exercise increases muscle mass at the expense of connective and fatty tissue. The SuperSlow method appears to have the greatest effect. We believe that the changes that this new insight can bring to current training systems will have a considerable effect on the lives of both menopausal and older women.”

– Dr. Alexandra Sänger , University of Salzburg


“It’s an excellent exercise program that would be good for just about anybody. The process is low impact, so it’s less stressful mentally and physically − but it accomplishes the goal of strengthening your muscles. I’ve been impressed.”

Dr. John Peet, M.D.


“I wanted to feel better and gain strength and their 30-minute program fit into my schedule. I have tried other gyms, but this program fit me. I wanted someone who would take the time to see what my needs were and Kam adjusted my exercise program to help with my sciatica and back pain. I don’t have those same aches and pains any longer. I also learned more about the importance of protein in fitness and my health goals. It’s not just about weight loss, but about fitness. Anybody can benefit from SuperSlow Exercise, what appeals to me most is that this is strength-training, not weight-training.”

– Gale Drummond, Asst. Supt., Conroe ISD


“The mechanics of Ken Hutchins’ machines are brilliant. They remind me of Leonardo da Vinci’s inventions. In a nutshell, SuperSlow® is the fountain of youth: for the bones to prevent osteoporosis, for the muscles to prevent atrophy and weakness, for the mind to encourage change and aspiration – and for the heart it’s vascularly effective. I also like the name – SuperSlow®, because it’s the only thing that I do that’s slow!”

–  Dr. Amy Farmer, M.D., Dermatologist


“I’m able to come from work and not change clothes and complete my workout in 23 minutes. It looks effortless, but when I leave here I know that what we’ve done is instrumental in reversing osteopenia, which is the precursor to osteoporosis.”

– Cindy Oatman, R.N., Medicap Pharmacy Owner


“Kam and Ken are good people I first met when they were in high school. I’m impressed with the system they have developed. It’s been very beneficial to my wife and me. You feel a little tired at the end of the workout but you really feel like you’ve accomplished something.”

– Mike Ferrell, Baseball Hall of Fame – Coach


“Another benefit of SuperSlow® is that I feel surer of myself. I’m confident that in the future I’ll be able to maintain my muscle control and feel more in balance.”
– Becky Page, Elementary School Principal, Conroe ISD


“I evacuated to Houston during Hurricane Katrina. I had been doing the SuperSlow workouts for almost three years before the move. I began looking around for a SuperSlow facility in the Houston area and I realized the facilities I was going to were spin-offs. I finally found the real deal on the Internet, called Kam and joined Exercise Defined in August 2006. It’s the only protocol that really keeps me strong and my energy level where it needs to be.”

– Christine McAtee, President, Insignia Marketing, Inc.


“I can do anything I want to do and there’s not much I can’t do. I’m in good health. I tell everyone who has any kind of symptoms like me to try to do this core weight training. You can learn this resistance training no matter what your age.”

– Peggy Frankhouser, Captain Sheriff’s Department


“What makes SuperSlow machines different from machines anywhere else is that the resistance curve of the machine matches the strength curve of the muscle.”
– Leslie Daniel Newman, TAMU Biology & Genetics Major, & Professional Musician


“One of the things I’ve always been concerned about in any kind of exercise, because of my age, is injury. I was looking for something that would be a good workout that would have a low risk of injury. I also wanted to address the major large muscles in my body and I’m also concerned about the flexibility aspect of the aging process. I’m the trombone professor at Sam Houston State and what I do involves breathing and other sorts of muscular activities. I exercise quite vigorously at high-weight levels. I’ve had some loss of stamina and with the workouts the lessening of stamina has slowed significantly. The SuperSlow workout is very rational. There is good sense behind it. I’m an academian, which means I read the fine print very well. I do appreciate that there are no outrageous claims made. The thing I didn’t like about working out at regular gyms is the competition thing. I would rather enjoy the workout than compete. When I finish working out I have a real sense of well-being.”

– Dr. Henry ‘Skip’ Howey, Professor of Low Brass, Sam Houston State University


“The instructors are a delight to work with. I appreciate their flexibility with scheduling, as well as the commitment to keeping prices reasonable. My bone density has now improved and I’ve noticed the “twinges” I used to experience in my lower back have gone away and I can travel without pain. I have more energy and no trouble picking up my 35-pound, twin grandbabies.”
– Marcia Bates, Actress & Real Estate Broker


“I had been working out at another gym four or five times a week since last April,” she said. “I hadn’t worked out before that in about 30 years. Working out so much at the other gym, I just thought I should have seen more progress. I’ve known Kam all his life and his father was my doctor when I was little. We all grew up together. On my first visit to the SuperSlow facility I was put on a triceps machine. The next morning my arms were really sore, like they haven’t ever been before. By my third visit, I could really see a difference. It’s amazing. I’m anxious to wear T-shirts this spring, and not the three-quarter length ones I used to wear.”
– Beth Blevins, Teacher, Conroe ISD


“It’s a quick workout and I get maximum benefits in the least amount of time. I like having the one-on-one with the instructor making sure you do everything right. I really notice a difference. One big way it really helped me is with my back. Women need to do a little bit of weight training and this is not hard on the joints. It’s great.”
– Marsha Porter, Athletic Director Conroe ISD


“During my 6th grade summer my father, Dr. M.G. Hutchins discovered I was born with hip dysplasia. On July 24, 1973 a medical school classmate of my father’s & Houston Astros’ team physician,  Dr. Richard Eppright,  performed the first successful “dial osteotomy” aka reconstructed hip surgery ever performed in The Texas Medical Center  – on me. The procedure was experimental and the fee was that Baylor Medical School owned & kept the video of my surgery which is still used today to train orthopedic interns on how to perform the procedure. Post-surgery, I was in a body cast for 2 months, used a wheelchair a month and was on crutches a month. Weight training and lots of swimming rehabbed me to where I was strong enough to excel in 8th grade football and run track. I set and still hold the 8th grade discus district record at Travis (Peet) Jr. High. I earned 6 varsity letters in high school  & made first team All-District & All Greater Houston Place Kicker on  the undefeated 1979 Conroe Tigers football team.

Fast forward 30 years…

…by 2003 I was back in a wheelchair. As the result of my successful 1973 surgery, a large mass of bone had grown in my lower left side of my back pinching my sciatic nerve and numbing my entire left leg. Dr. Peet referred me to Dr. Warren Parker for surgery to remove the bone mass February 2003. Post surgery, Ken shipped me 3 rehab machines: a leg extension, a chest press and a multi-exercise bench.  I trained on these 3 machines for 2 years and regained my strength. After a conversation with Vickie, I decided to start working on opening Exercise Defined, Inc.®. Kudos to the doctors and I owe a lot of credit to Ken for the quality of life I enjoy. If not for SuperSlow® exercise and if not for Ken’s help procuring the correct equipment, chances are very good that wheelchair confinement would be a way of life or worse. For me , there is a very fine line between mobility and immobility. It’s a Blessing I learn new exercise ideas from Ken constantly so that I can continue to have the mobility to enjoy my life with my family and share Ken’s ideas with other Exercise Defined, Inc.® instructors to help  clients on a daily basis. God Bless Ken Hutchins!”

–  Kam Hutchins, Exercise Defined, Inc.®