Welcome to Exercise Defined, Inc.® Conroe’s premiere SuperSlow® exercise  facility. Vickie training Ken

Unlike other workout programs which incorporate weight lifting, and are performed with quick and jerky repetitions, each SuperSlow® station lasts three minutes and is practiced at a slow rate. Although the training is highly intense, clients can exercise comfortably in the workout area which has temperature maintained at 68 degrees. In fact, many clients arrive at our facility directly from the office and without a bag full of workout clothing.

Even though there is a standard protocol, professionally dressed and certified instructors make sure that any problems that a client expresses are addressed and that all muscle groups receive attention.

If you would like to try the SuperSlow exercise protocol system for yourself, contact us today to set up a complimentary orientation and sample workout.


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Resistance Exercise Reverses Aging (up to 85%) in Human Skeletal Muscle


3 Reasons to Lift at SuperSlow® Speed

Written by Ken Hutchins, SuperSlow® Founder

1. Since safety is primarily affected by force, and force by acceleration, and acceleration by the suddenness of starting, stopping, or changing the direction of movement, slow indicates careful.

2. Since momentum mounts with increased speed, and since momentum unloads the muscles we are trying to load for exercise, slow indicates better loading and hence exercise.

3. Since close study and concentration of muscular contraction is averted with faster movement, then someone serious about a deep and meaningful effect will move very slowly.”

Source: “An Interview with Ken Hutchins, Developer of the SuperSlow® Exercise Protocol”

By Ken HutchinsSuperSlow Logo


Who can benefit from training the SuperSlow® regimen?

•Women and men,

• Athletes and novices,

• Young adults to senior citizens,

• Anyone seeking improvement in their overall health and fitness.


What are the health benefits of training SuperSlow®?

•Increase Strength, Stamina, Bone Density, Metabolism, and HDL (good Cholesterol),

  Improve Blood Glucose Levels, Mobility, Vascular Efficiency, and Joint Stability,

  Stimulate Weight Loss.


Who is most often attracted to the SuperSlow® approach?

•People who are results oriented,

• People who prefer a private and personal workout environment,

•People with limited time to spend exercising. (Just 1-2 30 minute sessions per week).


Being in good shape allows a person to travel with confidence!

As we rafted through the Santa Elena Canyon, I asked my father, who selflessly practiced medicine for 45 years,  if he had any regrets about his life and he answered, “I wish I had traveled the world.” Below is a gallery of Kam & Vickie Hutchins global travels dedicated to my late father, Dr. M.G Hutchins, Jr. (who also subtly helped develop  SuperSlow® Exercise) and to all those who wish to get strong and travel the world. I wear a SuperSlow shirt whenever possible.

Get strong & stay well, Kam Hutchins


Santa Elena Canyon

Dr. Hutchins, Santa Elena Canyon


Valldemossa Dinner in Mallorca

Vickie super shopping Valldemossa, Mallorca                     Mallorca, Spain Mediterranian Sea


Vickie enjoying Ko SamuiSea Aquariam Mambo Beach

                          Koh Samui, Thailand                                          Sea Aquarium Beach, Caribbean Sea                             
Chalong Bay Scuba diving Thailand  Vickie in Holland                                                      
Scuba diving Chalong Bay, Thailand                               Canal-side in Amsterdam, Holland                                        


Hiking Andies Mountains Seashell hunting in Aruba

Andes Mountains w/guide Alan Smith Highton.                                Seashells in Aruba

Alan’s grandfather started Smithsonian Museum
 Vickie meets shark Curacao pier
                  Vickie has shark encounter                                                  Dutch Caribbean

Elephant ride Phuket Harrison Tractor ride

Elephant ride Phuket, Thailand                                                      Tractor ride Conroe, Texas


Cinamaica Indian Village Los Roques Scuba diving

Sinamaica, Venezuela                                                         Scuba diving Los Roques, Venezuela


Dukes Waikiki 003   Boathouse Restaurant

Duke’s Waikiki, Waikiki Beach, Hawaii                        Boathouse Restaurant, Kata Beach, Thailand


Curacao perch Klein Curacao Scuba Diving Vickie solo

“Our Perch” Dutch Caribbean                                           Scuba diving break Dutch Caribbean


Caribbean Sea & Atlantic Ocean Meeting Pt. Colonia Tovar

Caribbean meets Atlantic-Trinidad & Tobago                         Hiking Colonia Tovar, Venezuela


Colonia Tovar cottage Sea Aquarium Scuba diving

House in Colonia Tovar, Venezuela                         Scuba Diving Klein Curacao, Netherlands Antillies


Angel Falls Taroko  Gorge1 Hiking Rain Forest

Angel Falls South America                 Taroko Gorge, Taiwan ROC                Rain Forest, Venezuela


Hutchins Lake Thavorn Dinner

Hutchins Lake – Conroe, Texas                                                  Beach front dinning Thailand


Mambo Beach Singapore

Dutch Caribbean                                                             IASAS Leadership Conference – Singapore


Rocky Mountains Hiking Macau China

Hiking Rocky Mountains                                              Macau, China


Enjoying a book Koh Samui James Galway

Enjoying a book Koh Samui island                            James Galway Republic of China National Theater


Hong Kong Cheers


Vickie enjoying Hong Kong                                                     Cheers Bar Boston, MA New England



Train 1 Flint Monument


Durango, Colorado                                 Only National Monument in Texas