Welcome to Exercise Defined, Inc.® – Conroe’s premiere SuperSlow® exercise facility.

Unlike other workout programs which incorporate weight lifting, and are performed with quick and jerky repetitions, each SuperSlow® station lasts three minutes and is practiced at a slow rate. Although the training is highly intense, clients can exercise comfortably in the workout area which has temperature maintained at 68 degrees. In fact, many clients arrive at our facility directly from the office and without a bag full of workout clothing.

Even though there is a standard protocol, professionally dressed and certified instructors make sure that any problems that a client expresses are addressed and that all muscle groups receive attention.

If you would like to try the SuperSlow exercise protocol system for yourself, contact us today to set up a complimentary orientation and sample workout.


3 Reasons to Lift at SuperSlow® Speed

Written by Ken Hutchins, SuperSlow® Founder

1. Since safety is primarily affected by force, and force by acceleration, and acceleration by the suddenness of starting, stopping, or changing the direction of movement, slow indicates careful.

2. Since momentum mounts with increased speed, and since momentum unloads the muscles we are trying to load for exercise, slow indicates better loading and hence exercise.

3. Since close study and concentration of muscular contraction is averted with faster movement, then someone serious about a deep and meaningful effect will move very slowly.”

Source: “An Interview with Ken Hutchins, Developer of the SuperSlow® Exercise Protocol”

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